What is Quest doing about the quality of the food?

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Quest takes any concerns about food quality VERY seriously.  Quest has sent its culinary experts and operational leadership to WTHS for additional oversight and support of the WTHS program, and will have onsite program support until Quest gets this right.

We started the year with packaged entrees (that were produced in-house) to get students through the line quicker.  We are going back to Made-to-Order Grill, Pasta and Mexican stations as we feel we can get students through the line with enough time to eat.  This will improve the quality of the food and allows for students to choose the ingredients in their entree.  We will bring back the Made-to-Order Deli as well.

Quest also began chargrilling (versus baking) a variety of proteins for a better flavor profile, switched potato products for lunch to meet the baked, not fried, requirement under this program, and is providing a host of training support to the WTHS food service team.