What is the cell phone/electronic device policy?

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Students are extended the privilege of possessing a wireless communication device on school grounds.  Electronic devices should be in silent mode during school hours. Use of wireless devices in the classroom, in areas being used to conduct instruction or on school trips are at the discretion of the teacher, coach, sponsor, chaperone, or any staff member. Use of such devices by students is not to be disruptive in any activity or event. All use must be respectful and not create a disturbance to the educational environment or impede the learning process. The use of wireless devices is not permitted in locker rooms or restrooms.

Prohibited Areas
Computer labs or testing center
During school assemblies
In areas where privacy is expected, including but not limited to, restrooms and locker rooms
Any other areas where electronic device use is prohibited by law
Student services area

Failure to follow these procedures will result in the following consequences:
First Offense
Student/Dean Conference
Parent/Guardian Contact/3 Dean Detentions or Saturday School Detention

Second Offense
Student/Dean Conference
Parent/Guardian Contact
Two (2) Saturday School Detentions

Third Offense
Student/Dean Conference
Parent/Guardian Contact
3 Saturday School Detentions up to Out-of-School Suspension (1 Day)

Each infraction may also include assignment of social probation, including but not limited to homecoming, prom and graduation.