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End-of-the-School Year Updates and eLearning Reminders, May 8, 2020

Parent Letter - 5.8.2020, English

Parent Letter_5.8.2020_Spanish

May 8, 2020 

Dear Parents and Guardians: 

This letter will provide information regarding some end-of-the-school-year procedures and reminders.  


Since the start of the stay-at-home orders in March, our school buildings and athletic fields have been closed. This will remain the case until further notice. 


  • Lockers will be cleaned out and any district property (books, technology equipment) that is in your student’s locker will be inventoried and identified as returned. If your student has any other personal belongings in their locker, these items will be placed in a bag and tagged with the student’s name. 
  • We will also be facilitating curbside drop-off of WTHS books and other district property. Students will not be allowed in the buildings for this collection process. 
  • The locker clean-out and book collection process will take place in late May and extend through the month of June. 
  • The inventory of returned district items and subsequent potential charges for lost items will be recorded against student accounts in June. 

Our building principals will provide additional communications in a separate notification regarding the dates and times for the collection process for freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior students. 


After your student has returned their books and other district items, we will process a prorated refund of 25% for the 2019-20 parking fees. The refund will be applied to any outstanding balance on your student’s account before issuing a check for the remaining amount. We expect that refunds will be processed in July.    


The return of athletic uniforms and WTHS equipment is currently taking place. Our Athletic Department has communicated these details to members of the spring teams. After your student has returned their uniform and equipment, the district will process any refunds needed for spring season athletic fees. This will occur after the Athletic Department has submitted the information to the Business Office.  


Freshman, sophomore and junior students who have balances remaining on their food service accounts will see these balances carried over to the next school year. This is an annual process. Senior students who have balances remaining on their food service accounts will have a refund applied to any outstanding amounts before the district issues a check for the remainder. We expect refunds to be processed in July. 


This year, summer school classes will be remote and use eLearning coursework. Students who intend to sign up should follow the normal registration process, which is on the district website at Summer school staff will contact students and individual families with additional information as we get closer to this time.  


We hope all our students continue to be accountable to their coursework while engaged in eLearning. We encourage them to work toward the best possible grades they can earn and challenge themselves academically.  

Below are some important highlights and reminders for students related to earning credits under our eLearning process. Please carefully review expectations to ensure students earn their desired credits and grades. To review our Extended eLearning Plan, please see the Academics section on the district’s website. 

All Students

All students should sign in using the daily attendance Google form on each day eLearning assignments are given.

Final Exams

Students will NOT have traditional final exams or final exam day schedules.

Senior Students

·   For seniors to earn their credits (and ultimately account for graduation credit requirements), they must have had a passing grade either on March 30 or at the end of the school year in each of their courses.

·   Seniors’ last day of eLearning classwork is Friday, May 8.  

Freshmen, Sophomore and Junior Students

·     For freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to earn their credits, they must have had a passing grade either on March 30 or at the end of the school year in each of their courses, while also demonstrating engagement in our eLearning lessons. Engagement means the submission of at least one assignment per week in at least four of the eight weeks of eLearning for each course. Otherwise, they will receive an INCOMPLETE for a course.

·     No new eLearning assignments will be given to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors after Friday, May 15.

·     On May 18 through May 21, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will be allowed to submit any outstanding assignments to help improve their grades. Students may also email teachers regarding assignments, as needed.

·     Freshmen, sophomore, and junior students’ last day of school is Thursday, May 21.

As our community works through this unpredictable time, we are committed to working together with you to provide remote learning opportunities for our students. Please continue to follow guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other governmental agencies. Stay safe and healthy!


John P. Ahlgrim, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools