• During hybrid or remote instruction we will have virtual resource rooms open during "in-person" time all periods of all Blue and Gold Days for O'Plaine and period 3-6 of all Blue and Gold Days for Almond. Please click the link below to access a resource room.

    Student Expectations in Virtual Resource Rooms

    • Students utilize virtual resource room to get help.
    • You need to arrive before the last 5 minutes of the period to be assured of getting help. If it is the last period of the day, the resource room will close when the day ends.
  • The information below refers to full in-person instruction. During hybrid or remote instruction there is no testing center and the resource rooms will be virtual.

Almond Resource Rooms

Almond Resource Rooms are open Monday through Friday.

O'Plaine Resource Rooms

Resource Rooms are Closed during Lunch Hr. on SIP Days

Almond Testing Center

The Almond Testing Center is located in the Library.

O'Plaine Testing Center

The O'Plaine Testing Center is located in Room 256.