Incoming Freshmen


      • Please visit our registration page for the most complete information about registration. 
        Incoming Freshmen will need to provide the following, all dated within one year of 8/31/2022:

        • Physical
        • Immunization records
        • Dental records

        Freshmen new to Gurnee schools also need to provide a copy of their birth certificate.   


      • Who should I call?

      • Is there a supply list for students?

      • Where do buses drop and pick students up?

      • What is the daily schedule?

      • Where should parents enter the building during the school day?

      • How do lunches work?

      • How can my student pay for lunch?

      • Is breakfast provided for students?

      • What is the process for when a student needs to miss school? How do I call it in?

      • Is there a list of activities and clubs to join at Warren?

      • Is there transportation for after school events?

      • What academic supports are available?

      • When can my student go to the library?

      • What should I do if my chromebook breaks?

      • How long are passing periods?

      • Is there a school store?

      • Is there an online way to purchase Warren Gear?

      • What are SIP days?

      • How can I see my counselor/dean/social worker (Student Services Team)?

      • Do I need to have my Warren student ID each day?


      • To view a video recording of our Virtual Orientation night held by the O'Plaine campus principals on May 20, 2021, click HERE.

        For additional information that will be useful as you transition to freshman year, see the Resources list on this page.