Planning Efforts Tied to Possible Funding Proposal

  • In February 2020, Warren Township High School District assembled a Community Task Force comprised of business, civic, and educational leaders to evaluate the District's funding challenges and proposed solutions. 

    What the Task Force members learned at the first meeting is that compared to other Lake County high school districts, WTHS receives the least amount of federal, state and local tax dollars. In fact, the District’s tax rate is among the lowest of its peer districts, with some districts having access to more than twice the amount of local funding.   

    Comparison of Revenue Per Pupil for Lake County High School Districts FY 2019

    High School Districts

    Local Sources

    State Sources

    Federal Sources


    Lake Forest District 115





    Highland Park Deerfield District 113





    Libertyville Vernon Hills District 128





    Adlai Stevenson High School 125





    Grayslake District 127





    Zion-Benton District 126





    Antioch Lakes District 117





    Mundelein District 120





    Grant Township District 124





    Warren Township High School District 121





    Source:  Lake County Regional Office of Education

    Given the District’s current level of funding, and the need to balance its budget each year, more than 50 teacher and staff positions have been eliminated the past five years.  And without additional revenues, continued staff reductions and other cuts will be necessary, negatively impacting programming, student services, and class sizes. 

    Due to COVID-19, the Community Task Force’s planning efforts came to an abrupt halt in early March and resumed remotely in September and continued to vet possible funding solutions. 

    A comprehensive public engagement program is planned for November and December 2020.  The District seeks the community’s thoughts and recommendations on possible funding solutions that the Task Force helped craft. Public outreach efforts will include informational mailers, virtual community information meetings, a public opinion mail survey, and other strategies to gather public input.   

    The Board of Education understands the challenges our community faces due to the pandemic and stands committed to only pursuing funding solutions that it is confident our community will support. Nothing is set in stone until we gather additional public input.

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