• Course Selection Process:

    Students are required to enter their course selections into PowerSchool for the 2022-2023 school year starting November 10. Parents and students should use the STUDENT login to make course selections.  Informational videos for each department can be found below on the left-hand side of the page.  Information and directions on how to complete course requests in PowerSchool can be found on the right hand side of this page.  If you need help logging into your PowerSchool account, please contact the receptionist at 847-662-1400.

    Before picking classes, students should:
         1. View the Course Opportunties List for their grade level.
         2. Print out the Schedule Worksheet for their grade level.
         3. Review departmental informational slide shows for information on available courses and electives.
         4. Complete the Schedule Worksheet for their grade level.

    To pick classes, students should:
         1. Watch the "PowerSchool Directions" video for their grade level.
         2. Request classes in PowerSchool.
         3. Be prepared to discuss course requests with your counselor.  Counselors will be meeting with their students beginning the week of November 15.
             Click here for counselor contact information.

    Department Informational Slide Show:
    Click below to view slideshows and videos of the course offerings for each department.

         Grade 9 - 10     Grade 11 - 12

         Grade 9 - 10
         Grade 11 - 12

         Grade 9 - 10
         Grade 11 - 12

         Grade 9 - 10     Grade 11 - 12

         Grade 9 - 10
         Grade 11 - 12

         Grade 9 - 10     Grade 11 - 12

         Grade 9 - 10
         Grade 11 - 12

         Grade 9 - 10
         Grade 11 - 12

         Grade 9 - 10
         Grade 11 - 12

         Grade 9 - 10     Grade 11 - 12

         Grade 9 - 10
         Grade 11 - 12


  • Timeline for Course Selection
    October/November:  Counselors will meet with students with information on making course selections, information will also be emailed to parents. Faculty will begin making online recommendations in PowerSchool for students currenty in their classes.
    November 10 - 15:  Students and Parents make their course selections through their PowerSchool account.  
    November 15 - December 21:  Counselors will review student course selections and meet with students as needed. 

    Curriculum Guide - This guide gives a brief description of each course offered as well as information on graduation requirements. 18.5 credits are required for graduation. See page 8 of the 2022-23 curriculum guide for detailed information.

    Use the links below to view the list of all courses open to seniors (Class of '23), juniors (Class of '24) and sophomores (Class of '25) and begin organizing your course selections.
    Class of 2023 Course Opportunities List
    Class of 2024 Course Opportunities List
    Class of 2025 Course Opportunities List

    Use the links below to access the form to help organize your course selections for all 8 periods.
    Class of 2023 - Rising Seniors Schedule Worksheet
    Class of 2024 - Rising Juniors Schedule Worksheet
    Class of 2025 - Rising Sophomores Schedule Worksheet

    Rising Junior 4-Year Plan Worksheet   Rising Sophomore 4-Year Plan WorksheetPlease note the 4-year plan shows a possible 7 period day for 2023-24 and beyond. The future financial state of the district could impact the number of periods offered. We want parents to be prepared for this possibility.

    Use the links below to view how to enter course requests into PowerSchool.  Students have until November 15 to enter their course requests.  
    Rising Senior Video of PowerSchool Directions
    Rising Junior Video of PowerSchool Directions
    Rising Sophomore Video of PowerSchool Directions

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