• Business courses prepare students for the challenge of college curriculum, employment, and for business-related skills that can be applied to personal use.


      • Curriculum in the Business Department is offered in the areas of business, finance, technology, and career education.  Courses include:

        • Personal finance, accounting, marketing, entrepreneurship
        • Chromebook repair, computer applications, and computer science.

        Students become aware of the opportunities that are available to them in the global workforce.  They may validate their skills by obtaining Microsoft certifications and completing internships. 

        New for 2023-24:  CLC Dual Credit Opportunity.  Up to 12 credit hours can be earned for MOS certifications in Tech Academy Certifications &/or Tech Academy+.  Learn more here.


      Awards & Recognitions

      • 2021-2022 
        # of Student Microsoft Certifications
        PowerPoint 56
        Word 52
        Excel 34
        Outlook 19
        Word Expert 3
        Excel Expert 3
        Access Expert 2
        Information Technology 2