Address change within Dist. 121 Boundaries

      • If you have moved to a new home within the District 121 boundaries, you will need to provide the registrar with your proof of residency.  Items can be brought to school by your student or emailed to the registrar.

        Please provide:
        One (1) item from the list below:
        - lease
        - mortgage statement
        - property tax bill
        - closing papers (if your home was purchased within the last 60 days)


        Two (2) items from the list below:
        - driver's license/state ID
        - homeowners/renters insurance
        - utility bill (gas, electric, waste, water, cable, garbage) or welcome letter from the utility (if within the last 30 days)
        - vehicle registration
        - voter registration
        - current public aid card or letter

        See the District #121 Proof of Residency Requirements for more detailed information.

        Items can be emailed to the O'Plaine campus at  or the Almond campus at

      Address change outside of Dist. 121 Boundaries

      • If your address changes during the school year to a location outside of District #121 boundaries, your student can continue to study at Warren until the end of that school year but you will need to provide your own transportation.

        Once the school year has come to an end, please withdraw your student so he/she can begin studying at the high school in your new school district.

        You can begin the withdrawal process by clicking on this link.  Withdrawal from WTHS.  Once you have completed the Google Form, a registrar will contact you with the actual withdrawal paperwork to be signed.

        If you have questions, please contact us:

        Christy Thedorf - O'Plaine Campus Registrar  847-599-4761
        Teresa Aguero - O'Plaine Campus Asst. Registrar  847-599-4777

        Jennifer Salmi - Almond Campus Registrar  847-548-6740
        Katherine Matias - Almond Campus Asst. Registrar  847-548-7136

      Phone and Email Changes

      • To update or add a new phone number or email address, contact the registrar at the campus your student attends.  Please include your student's name and ID number in the email and indicate if your student has siblings at WTHS.

        O'Plaine Campus  Grades 9 & 10 and Transition students

        Almond Campus  Grades 11 & 12 and Bridges students

      Registrar Contacts