Current Students - Class of 2024 - 2027

        • If you are a current student (graduating 2024-2027) or a 2024 early graduate, please do NOT request your transcripts through Parchment.  See the information below.

          Official Transcripts Official transcripts for a college application can be requested using your Maia Learning or Common App account. Official transcripts are signed and sealed in an envelope or sent through a secure electronic portal by the registrars or counselors.  Only official transcripts can be used for college applications. Click here for a quick tutorial on how to request a transcript using Maia Learning and Common App

          CLASS OF 2024
           - please note - once you have committed to a college you will need to send a copy of your final transcript to that institution using your Maia Learning or Common App account.  Final transcripts will be mailed or sent through Maia Learning or Common App as soon as grades are posted to your transcript.  This will happen sometime during the first or second week of June.  Please do not use Parchment to order your final transcripts.

          Unofficial Transcripts  Unofficial transcripts are helpful for good student discounts with your car insurance or when you are applying to a Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) school for reference or when talking to a college admissions official about potential courses or past academic performance.  Unofficial transcripts cannot be used to apply to a university.   Unofficial transcripts can be given directly to you.  

          Seniors are able to download a copy of their unofficial transcript through their Maia Learning account.  Instructions on how to do this can be found here.  If you are having trouble with this process, please contact your counselor or email Mrs. Salmi ( or Mrs. Matias ( at the Almond Campus or Mrs. Thedorf ( at the O'Plaine campus.

          Scholarships  If you need an official transcript for a scholarship, please click here to access the request form.   

          College Application and Transcript FAQs 

          • What if I have more questions?  Check out this FAQ to answer most of your college application questions. If you still have questions, contact your guidance counselor or Mrs. McGahan in Student Services.

      Former Students - Class of 2023 and earlier

      • Official Transcripts        Order Credentials from Parchment

        Unofficial Transcripts - Unofficial transcripts do not have a school seal or signature and can be emailed directly to you.  Universities generally do NOT accept these for enrollment purposes.  Check with the requesting institution to make sure unofficial transcripts are accepted.  Email your request to Mrs. Matias at  Please attach a legible copy of your photo ID and include the following information in your email:

        • legal name at the time of your graduation
        • date of birth
        • year of graduation
        • phone number
        • email address
        • reason for your request

        If you are a current student (graduating 2023-2026), please do NOT use Parchment to order your transcripts.  Click here for more information. 

      Third Party Education Verifications


        Graduation and Education Verification requests must be requested through Parchment.  WTHS will not accept requests by phone, email or fax.

        To request an education/graduation verification go to or click this button.   

         Order Credentials from Parchment

      Immunization Records

      • Immunization record copies cost $10 and can be requested by completing this Google Form.

        Payment can be made to one of the campus bookkeepers:
        Cheryl Maiden - Almond Campus   847-548-6572 or
        Laura Lemus - O'Plaine Campus    847-599-4821

        If you have any questions, please contact Katherine Matias at or Jennifer Salmi at

      Diploma Reprint Requests

      • Diploma reprints cost $20 and can be requested by completing this Google Form.

        Payment can be made to the Almond campus bookkeeper:
        Cheryl Maiden  847-548-6572 .

        If you have any questions, please contact Carrie Maggiore at or 847-548-6622.