Communication Guidelines and Tips for Parents

  • How we prepare: Every summer school administration reviews safety plans and goes through safety training in partnership with our School Resource Officers from the Gurnee Police Department.

    • The training includes how to respond in different types of scenarios, including threats of violence.

    • All staff receive safety training before the first day of school and review how to respond in the event of a safety concern.

    • We conduct multiple safety drills with students throughout the year. 


    If there is a safety concern: We work closely with our law enforcement partners to determine the quickest and most appropriate response.

    • Our threat-assessment protocol ensures the best decisions are made with the information we have at the moment. 

    • Not all investigations into safety threats will result in a school evacuation. 


    If there is a lockdown or evacuation: We prioritize student and staff safety before communicating with families.

    • You will likely receive some information from your student before we send out official communication. This is normal with student access to technology.

    • We will communicate as soon as possible by auto call, email, and/or text messaging. Emails will typically have the most detailed information.

    • Please do not call the school during a lockdown or evacuation. Phone calls divert resources away from student safety.

    • Please do not try to enter school property during a lockdown or evacuation. Additional adults on campus create complexities and divert attention from student safety.