Warren Township High School offers students a variety of opportunities in Career and Technical Education as well as post-secondary planning.  There are many options for students after high school. The possibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • A four-year college or university (either public or private)
    • A two-year college (either public or private)
    • A technical college (either public or private)
    • A specialty school
    • The military (regular enlistment, ROTC, or a service academy)
    • Employment
    • An apprenticeship
    • A post-high school graduate program (a “gap” year)
    • Transition Program

    Below are resources that can provide guidance and support when planning towards post-secondary goals.

    College and Career Center Warren Township High School offers a comprehensive college planning, career exploration, and counseling curriculum beginning freshman year. Please click the link to learn more.  

    Community Agencies and Resources There are a variety of agencies and community resources that will provide students with the opportunity for community involvement, transition planning, and post-secondary experiences.  Please click the link to learn more.

    Course Options & Selection Process Warren offers students the opportunity to explore their Career and Technical Education (CTE) interests within Art, Business English, Instructional Technology, Math, Music/Choir, Physical Development & Health, Science, Social Studies, Theatre, and World Languages.  Please click the link to learn more about each department.

    Curriculum Guide  Warren offers students a variety of different courses including in the area of Career and Technical Education.  In this guide, each course is defined by the area of instruction, length of the course, specific prerequisites, scope and sequence, and credit value. Please click the link to learn more. 

    Post-High School Planning Guide This guide provides students with a timeline of their high school career.  ACT and SAT test dates are listed within this link.  Additional information regarding two and four-year colleges as well as technical colleges and specialty schools.  Students who are interested in a career in the military or would like more information regarding an apprenticeship please click the link to learn more. 

    Tech Campus Program In partnership with the College of Lake County Warren offers students an opportunity in Career and Technical Education.  3D gaming, automotives, cosmetology, and culinary arts are just a handful of courses that are offered within the Tech Campus Program.  Please click the link to learn more. 

    Transition Program Overview  Warren’s transition program is offered to students with disabilities who require continued support after completion of their four years of high school. Students who need further instruction and guided practice in the areas of work-based learning, independent living, and community access to further their independence as determined by the student’s IEP team. 

    Warren Township High School strives to support all students in reaching their post-secondary goals.  If you have additional questions regarding your pathway, please reach out to your case manager, counselor, or transition specialist.