Solar Project at the Almond Campus

  • Warren Township High School completed the installation of solar panels at the Almond Campus in June 2020. The $7.3 million capital expense was offset by $2.5 million in Solar Energy Renewal Credits (SRECS) and other incentives, a net cost of $4.8 million. There is a possibility the District will receive an additional $1.8 million in SRECS in the 16th year through 20th year of the project.  This project was one of several infrastructure projects the District completed when bonds were refinanced in December 2018. The District is not permitted to use capital dollars (bond proceeds) for other purposes. 

    The solar project generates enough energy to fully power the Almond Campus, resulting in an annual savings of approximately $300,000 in operational costs. The full cost should be recouped in approximately 16 years. The panels are guaranteed for 20 years. 

    In addition to lowering the annual operating budget by reducing utility costs, this renewable energy investment reduces the District’s carbon footprint and provides educational benefits. 

    The National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project is providing the District with teacher training and the materials needed to create a solar lab for hands-on learning opportunities. The curriculum is designed to help students learn about the WTHS installation and explore career opportunities in energy-related fields.  

    The solar project is about more than long-term savings. It is an opportunity for Warren Township High School to demonstrate leadership and environmental stewardship to our students and our community. The project fulfills one of the District’s Strategic Plan Goals—Explore the feasibility of moving toward green building initiatives. The Alternative Energy/Solar Committee spent several years studying the educational and financial benefits of solar power and consulted with the community before the Board of Education approved the plan. 

    Click here to learn more about the history of the solar project.

WTHS Contributing to Earth Month Activities by Ongoing Solar Production

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