Camera Usage Expectations

  • Over the course of the first semester, WTHS staff and administration have been evaluating aspects of successful and productive remote learning environments.  One area evaluated is the impact of student and teacher cameras being on during periods of remote instruction.  The district believes that requiring student cameras during class will create a sense of classroom community, enhance engagement, and build trust between students and teachers.  The use of cameras ensures that students are active participants in their learning.  By seeing students during class, teachers will be able to monitor student engagement and check for understanding more efficiently than when cameras are off.  WTHS also believes that increased student engagement will better support the mental health of our students, as they will be able to participate in their classes in an environment where they can see and interact with their peers.

    Beginning on Tuesday, January 19, 2021 all students will be required to have their cameras on during their classes.  Students must have their cameras turned on with their face visible in the frame at the time attendance is taken.  Student cameras must then remain on, unless the teacher gives the class permission to turn them off.  Teachers will record in PowerSchool for students who do not have their camera on.  Students can be marked absent when cameras are not on and students are not responding to repeated attempts from the teacher to engage or participate in the remote classroom setting. 

    Specific Details for Students

    • Student cameras must be turned on and their faces must be visible on the screen. Cameras should not be pointed at the ceiling, floor, or other areas where the student’s face is not visible.
    • Students should select an area for class with minimal background distractions.
      • Students can use the background filters in Google Meet for additional privacy.
    • Cameras must remain on during the full class period unless a teacher permits them to be turned off.
    • The teacher will follow up with the parents of students who repeatedly do not have cameras turned on during class. Student services personnel will also contact families if a consistent issue persists.
    • If a student encounters technical difficulties that impact their ability to use their camera, they must contact their teacher as soon as possible.
    • All academic and attendance procedures from first semester still apply.

    If there is a specific reason you do not want to have your student’s camera on during class, please contact your student’s dean prior to Tuesday, January 19.  Teachers will be notified of any of their students who are approved to have their cameras remain off. 

    Students who are approved to keep cameras off are still required to actively participate in class. 


Warren W
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