• There are many avenues families can turn to for test preparation to improve their standardized test scores.  Below are a few recommendations.  Please note WTHS does not endorse any company or product and this list is not exclusive.

    • Free Test Prep Resources
      • Official P-SAT/SAT Test Prep of the College Board: Khan Academy
        • Students can receive free, personalized online test prep tailored to their PSAT scores to focus on specific areas of improvement.  There are daily lessons and even a mobile app for test prep on the go!
      • ACT Academy
      • ESBCO: Prepare for College Resources
        • Our WTHS Library offers free ACT, SAT, P-SAT and AP practice tests and skill improvement through EBSCO.  While on-campus, students can register for a free account and take or print off practice tests.
        • For off-campus access to EBSCO enter:

          USERNAME: warren

          PASSWORD: bluedevils1!

      • Gale SAT/ACT Test Prep Course offered through the Warren Newport Library
        • 6 week, instructor led course taken entirely online
        • 2 part class
        • Need to be an active Warren Newport Library card holder
        • Starts once a month
        • Cost: FREE for library card holders in good standing (no outstanding fines or late fees)
        • Click here for additional information and to register online
    • Compass Test Prep’s Guide to College Admissions Testing
      • Everything and anything you would like to know about the strategies and timeline of taking the SAT or ACT assessments
      • Free Download
    • Test Prep Courses:
    • ACT/SAT Concordance Table
      • It is helpful after taking an ACT and SAT to see which score will be viewed as higher to college admissions.  We encourage students to take both ACT and SAT assessments at least once for college admissions purposes and merit-based scholarships during the student's junior year, ideally second semester or in the summer before their senior year.  All WTHS Juniors are required to take the state SAT test in April as a graduation requirement.  This is a test students will be pre-registered for and is an official SAT test. 
    • SAT and ACT National Test Dates
      • Click here for a list of the SAT test dates.
      • Click here for a list of ACT test dates. 

    Should your family have any additional questions in regards to test prep, please do not hesitate to reach out to your student's Counselor or Post-Secondary Counselor at either campus.