• Welcome to Warren!  Here are some frequently asked questions about the start of school that we want to share:

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    Q:  Is there a supply list for students?

    A:  No, we do not have a list of supplies for students to come with on day one. Students should get the supplies that they know they will need for themselves (for example, organizational preferences like folders, binders, notebooks, writing utensils, and an assignment notebook). Teachers will review with students any required materials for their specific course during the first days of school. Teachers give students a reasonable amount of time to get any required materials needed.  It is different for each teacher.

    Q:  Where do buses drop and pick students up?

    A:  Bus information is listed on each student schedule. If you have any questions about buses, you can direct them to our transportation department.  When students arrive in the morning to the O’Plaine campus, their buses drop them off at the A-2 entrance of the building (Middle-East Side of building--facing O’Plaine Rd.).  Students load the buses at the end of the day on the same east location and some buses in the north lot. Buses stay in the same location every day, so it is easy for students to load their buses.

    Q:  Where should parents drop and pick students up?

    A:  Parents must use the south lot before and after school to drop off or pick up their students. The north lot and bus lane are used before and after school for busses. During the SCHOOL DAY parents may use the north entrance to drop off or pick up students, as this is the only entrance/exit that should be used. CLICK HERE for a map and CLICK HERE for more detailed information on pick-up/drop off.

    Q:  Where should parents enter the building during the school day?

    A:  The North Entrance is our single point of entry during the school day. Security checks in all visitors on the north end during the school day.  The attendance office is located just past the security desk on the north end. Please report to the attendance office if you arrive late or a student needs to leave early.  

    Q:  How do lunches work?

    A:   All students have half a period lunch during periods 3-6 in the cafeteria. Students have a study hall for the other half of that period.  Whichever is listed first on your schedule is where students report first.  

    Q:  How can my student pay for lunch?

    A:   Cash, Credit Card and Debit cards can be used in our lunch room. Also, parents can place money on their students ID and will then have access to view purchases made. Warren uses Wordware for it’s online payment platform. 

    Q:  What is the process for when a student needs to miss school? How do I call it in?

    A:   CLICK HERE for the steps!

    Q:  Is there a list of activities and clubs to join at Warren?

    A:  YES!  You can go to the website for more information on athletics and activities.  We will be having an activities fair on Wednesday, August 28th during all lunch study halls for students to walk and learn more about these groups.

    Q:  Is there transportation for after school events?

    A:  We have a late bus that runs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays the departure time is 4:10.  On Wednesdays, the late bus departs at 4:30.  

    Q:  How can my student utilize the resource rooms?

    A:  During student lunch study halls or full study halls, they can report to the reading/writing, math, or science resource room.  Students get extra help from teachers and students in these centers throughout the day. Students report directly to resource rooms and attendance is taken there. CLICK HERE for the resource room schedule.

    Q:  When can my student go to the library?

    A:  Students can access the library before school each day. Students that have a study hall on their schedule can go directly to the library without a pass to work alone or with other students. Access to the library may be limited based on the number of students that attend.

    Q:  What should I do if my chromebook breaks?

    A:  Students can get a loaner chromebook until their chromebook is fixed. Stop by the tech department on the second floor before school or during a passing period to get a loaner chromebook.

    Q:  How long are passing periods?

    A:  Passing periods are five minutes long.  Music plays the last minute to remind students to get to class on time.  Bell schedules are found on the website.

    Q:  Is there a school store?

    A:  YES.  In the cafeteria, our Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) student group runs the school store.  It is open before school and during all lunch periods. 

    Q:  What are SIP days?

    A: SIP days are our school improvement days.  We have 16 Mondays throughout the year that students report at 10:25 and have a shortened schedule day due to the two hour late start.  Our first late start is Monday, August 26th. You can find all dates on the school calendar.

    Q:  How can I see my counselor?

    A:  Come to the main office and see Ms. Ellis in Student Services to set up an appointment.  Before/after school or during a study hall are good times to do this.