By Michele Bertola - O'Plaine Campus Principal

  • Happy March everyone! Our hard work continues at the O’Plaine campus as we keep focused during our stretch before Spring Break. We have had a range of student recognitions, competitions, and celebrations this semester that center around our 5 A’s: Attendance, Academics, Acceptance, Attitude, and involvement in Activities and Athletics.

    Attendance Awards: As an incentive for students who maintain perfect attendance during the school year, we draw names at the end of each month from those students who had perfect attendance and award 20 of those students’ prizes. For the month of January, we had 676 students with perfect attendance and the following students were randomly selected: Caysie Castellanso, Aldo Flores, Megan Garward, Ethan Lee, and Anne Serdar. We have 73 students who still have perfect attendance from August-January, and the following were randomly selected: Anantya Kasturi, Megan Parrott, Kiera Rodriguez, Moses Soria, and Richard Tran.

    For the month of February, we had 596 students with perfect attendance and the following students were randomly selected: Ronan Attiah, Isha Bordaweker, Payal Sutaria, Sebatian Widlak, and Lorelai Yager. We have 56 students who still have perfect attendance from August-February, and the following were randomly selected: Faaz Arif, Nikki Pacheo, Madison Smits, and Odessa Haw-Tay.

    Matter of Pride: Congratulations to our January/February Matter of Pride Winners: Sara Lewis, Justin Ward, Alexander Cortes, Ann Lichter, Philip Hird, Emma Farley, Aliyah Fortunato, Brian Dimillo, Dominic Jikomes, Vaibhav Joshi, Vanessa Nino, Jacob Pinder, Yibo Zhang, Dhruval Bhatt, Angeles Silvas-Gastelum, Kevin Goger, Nicole Harrison, Ember Roeder,and Eric Alvarez. Our staff nominated these students based on their success with our 5 A’s.

    Leadership: We completed the second daylong retreat for our students from both campuses this school year to help build leadership in regards to diversity and our inclusive environment. Our goal is to provide activities, discussion, and collaboration on the challenges and benefits that diversity brings. Our retreat was held on Friday, March 1, 2019 at the Almond Campus. Student groups and staff also led various supports including: thank you notes to a local state trooper’s family, raising money for a variety of charities, EKG screenings, information sharing on healthy relationships, depression screenings, and a variety of service projects.

    Celebrations: Our Black Student Union led several activities throughout the month of February to celebrate Black History Month. The month ended with an Inaugural Black History Month Celebration in the O’Plaine Auditorium on February 28th. A range of talents were on display, as well as student excellence awards and presentations.

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