By Michele Bertola - O'Plaine Campus Principal

  • Happy 2019!

    I hope you enjoyed time with friends and family over the winter break. We are excited to have students back and have challenged them to start the semester on a strong note. We have asked students to reflect on the five A’s:  Attendance, Academics, Attitude, Acceptance, and Athletics/Activities. We have challenged them to create a game plan to improve in the areas they most need it. Please ask them what they have learned from first semester in regards to “owning their learning” and what they plan to improve upon second semester. We enourage students to utilize some of the supports that we offer to help them reach their goals. We also remind them that working hard and making mistakes are important components of the learning process. Sometimes we need to take risks, try new things, fail, and try again. This builds character and perserverance--both of which are keys in life. 

    Thank you for your support!

Five A's
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