By Rob Parrott - Almond Campus Principal

  • January 11, 2021

    Hello Blue Devil Families and Students:

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    We hope everyone had a great winter break and first week back at school. Happy New Year to all of our families and students.  We are excited about the start of a new calendar year and the thought that we are moving closer to some “normalcy.”

    This email contains important information regarding the transition to our Hybrid Schedule which will start on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.  We are very excited to welcome students back into our buildings and have a lot of details to review with students and families.  We also recognize that each of us are at different places of comfort in regards to returning to our school buildings at this time.  With that in mind, we feel we have built in flexibility for those that want to remain in a remote format and also feel we can safely provide a Hybrid model of remote and in-person learning options for those interested in returning to the buildings.  We are intentionally starting with a model that brings back about 25% (approximately 450 students) to the buildings each day with the hope that over time we can build on that capacity.  There are many moving parts to our Hybrid model and know there will still be questions as each student's situation will be a little different.  Please review this information carefully, and reach out if you have any questions.

    • Website Information Center:  All information regarding our “Return to School” Plan is located on our website under the District 121 tab, and selecting “Return to School Information”.  Please CLICK HERE to access this resource for all information related to our Hybrid plan.
    • Remote vs. Hybrid Status:  All students are considered to be in-person in our Hybrid status unless you have notified the school to stay fully remote.  Families were emailed a form in December to designate if they plan to keep their student(s) in remote learning and not attend in-person.  If you have NOT submitted this request already and want your student(s) to remain in remote learning (or want to change student status from Remote to in-person Hybrid) please email Mr. Chuck Maurer ( at the O’Plaine Campus or Dr. Laura Kirk ( at the Almond Campus.
    • Hybrid Bell Schedule:  All students will follow a new bell schedule starting January 19, 2021.  They will still follow a Blue and Gold day schedule on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/ Friday with all students being remote on Wednesdays (the schedule adjusts during any four day weeks to just Blue and Gold days  - there are no all remote Wednesdays).  All students will attend the morning session of their classes remotely and on the designated in-person days those students will come to campus for in-person learning while the other students remain remote for the afternoon session.  CLICK HERE for the daily bell schedule.
    • Hybrid Calendar:  We have developed a rotating schedule for students based on their last name so approximately 25% of the students are in the building on a given day.  CLICK HERE for the calendar that outlines the dates of attendance for January and February.  Here is the breakdown of the first two weeks and the rotation students will follow according to their last name:
      • Group 1 = Last Name A-E = Tuesday/Wednesday - January 19-20, 2021
      • Group 2 = Last Name M-R = Thursday/Friday - January 21-22, 2021
      • Group 3 = Last Name F-L = Monday/Tuesday - January 25-26, 2021
      • Group 4 = Last Name S-Z = Thursday/Friday - January 28-29, 2021
    • Student Schedules:  Students should print or access their schedule via PowerSchool on their phone to make sure they have the latest schedule.  This information will be up-to-date by January 15.  Due to safety protocols, some room locations may have changed from earlier in the school year and we want students to have the latest information on room locations when they report to the building.
    • Teachers who need to teach remotely:  There will be some teachers that remain teaching remotely or could be in protocols that have them teach remotely in our Hybrid schedule.  Students assigned to those sections may be directed to report to a general location in the building for supervised remote learning during that class period(s).
    • Building Safety Requirements: 
      • If your student does not feel well and is demonstrating COVID-19 symptoms do not come to school.
      • Students must complete the self-certification form located on the front page of the website (red exclamation point) each morning before entering the building.
      • Students will show the completion of the self-certification on their phone or Chromebook to enter the building.
      • Students will have their temperature taken as they enter the building.
      • The 3W’s will be followed throughout the day:  Students must Wear a mask all day, students need to Watch their distance (maintain 6 feet of social distance as much as possible) and Wash their hands.  Students must wear a mask covering their nose and mouth.  Bandanas and gaiters are not allowed.  Masks will be provided if needed. 
    • Absence Notification:  Parents need to contact the attendance office to report student absences.  If your student does not feel well and is demonstrating COVID-19 symptoms please include this information in your message so we can determine which COVID-19 protocols need to be followed.
    • Transportation:
      • Bus Routes:  Bus pick-up and drop-off locations and times are now located in PowerSchool.  Students can access that information by clicking the “My Schedule” icon in your student or parent account.  Bus route information will also be emailed to all families. Students will need to follow social distancing and mask wearing guidelines while on the bus.
      • Drop off times/Building Access:  The Almond Campus will open doors for students at approximately 10:25 a.m. and the O’Plaine Campus will open doors for students at approximately 11:25 a.m.  Students with their own transportation should plan their arrival time to campus and not expect to enter the building prior to that.
      • Parent Drop-Off/Pick-Up: Students will be dropped off at the designated locations in the parking lot.  Please be aware of the drop-off and building access times so students are arriving at the appropriate time.  You can CLICK HERE for more information on student drop-off/pick-up locations.
      • Parking:  Students will be allowed to park on campus without a parking permit or parking fee in the Hybrid schedule.  You can CLICK HERE for more information on students parking.  We are asking students not to carpool with other students that do not reside within their household due to the increased safety risks of being in close proximity.
    • Building Entrances/Building Maps:
      • O’Plaine Campus:
        • Building Entrance:  Students riding a bus will enter the building on the east side using our A-2 and A-3 doors.  Students that are walkers/car drop-off will enter at our Gym/Pool entrance on the south side.  All student drop-offs need to use the South Lot. Upon entry students will have to present their self-certification and have their temperature checks.
        • Maps:  Students will report directly to their first scheduled class.  CLICK HERE for a map of the building.  Students should not stress about finding their classroom as staff will be out in the hallways to assist them.
      • Almond Campus:
        • Building Entrance:  All students need to enter the building at the main entrance (near the flagpole) of the campus.  Upon entry, students will have their temperature checks and need to present their self-certification to school staff.  Building access for hybrid learning will start at approximately 10:25 a.m.  
        • Maps:  Students will report directly to their first scheduled class.  CLICK HERE for a map of the building.  Students should not stress about finding their classroom as staff will be out in the hallways to assist them.
    • Late Arrival/Early Release:  Students with their own transportation will be allowed to arrive after the start off their first period of the day (Almond periods 0 or 4/O’Plaine periods 1 or 5) if the first period of the day is a study hall or lunch period.  They will also be allowed to leave one period early if their last period of the day (Almond period 3 or 7/O’Plaine period 4 or 8) is a study hall or lunch period.
    • Lunch Periods:  Students will not be eating during their assigned lunch period on Blue and Gold Days.  Students during their assigned lunch period will use this as a study hall period and report to the location assigned on their schedule.
    • Food/Drink:  Students should not plan to eat on campus as we want to maintain mask wearing while they are in the building.  We understand that students may have a water bottle with them and they can quickly drink under their mask (without fully removing).  We are communicating with our teachers that in general students should not be eating or drinking in classrooms as we do not want students removing their masks while in the building.
    • Lockers:  Students have not been assigned hallway lockers and will not have access to lockers.
    • Physical Education:  Students will not be accessing the locker room or changing into PE uniforms during their assigned PE class period.
    • Camera Policy Change:  Starting January 19, students will be required to have their cameras on during remote instruction.  Please click here for the details regarding this second semester policy change.  If you have concerns regarding your student having their camera on, you can contact your student’s dean.
    • Tech Campus (Almond only):  Students enrolled in Tech Campus have a variety of options for attending classes on their assigned days to be on campus as well as days when they are remote.  CLICK HERE for a link to the Tech Campus website.  Further questions can also be directed to our Tech Campus Coordinator, Mr. Thomas (
    • Tech Support:  Students that need technology support, Chromebook repairs, etc. can CLICK HERE to submit a request for help from our technology staff.
    • Student Services Support:  Students that need access to our student services staff can fill out the request form to have our staff follow up with them.  
    • Materials Distribution:  If students still have not picked up their materials needed for their classes please CLICK HERE and have the students fill out the materials request form found on our website.

    We are proud to be a part of a school district that is guided by the principle that “we are in this together” and we will emerge stronger after the pandemic.  Our focus will continue to be the well-being of our students, staff, and community.  Regardless of which model students are in, we are committed to hold all students to high academic standards, build positive and supporting relationships, create engaging learning experiences, support social and emotional needs, and embrace the responsibility and accountability to our community.

    Please feel free to contact us or any other staff member with questions or concerns during the semester.

    Thank you and As Always, Go Blue Devils!

    Rob Parrott
    Principal-Almond Campus

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