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  • EAT PORTILLO'S! Support the Warren Drama Boosters

    Posted by Janice Zimmerman on 2/21/2020

    Join us at Portillos

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    Adam Miller
    Campus: Almond & O'Plaine
    Email: amiller@wths.net
    Phone: (847) 548-6893
    Reason to Contact: Drama Club, Giggles 'n Bits, Fall Play, Spring Contest Play, Shakespeare Slam

    Janice Zimmerman
    Campus: O'Plaine
    Email: jzimmerman@wths.net
    Phone: (847) 599-4609
    Reason to Contact: Drama Club, Fall Dinner Theatre, Children's Show, Musical

    Mike Anglemire
    Campus: O'Plaine
    Email: manglemire@wths.net
    Reason to Contact: Giggles 'n Bits

    Ben Westphal
    Campus: Almond & O'Plaine
    Email: bwestphal@wths.net
    Reason to Contact: Musical, Vocal Velocity, Blue Tones

    Shannon Doering
    Campus: Almond
    Email: sdoering@wths.net
    Reason to Contact: Fall Play, Spring Contest Play


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