• Parents - You play a vital role in the success of Warren Theatre. We understand that you may have questions about how to help your student get involved. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Below are a few helpful pieces of information for you as you become familiar with Warren Drama.

    • Canvas is our primary mode of communication with students and parents. We know Canvas can be tricky, but please know that your students are on that platform for all of their classes. The Drama Club Canvas page is where we also post all of the information students need to get involved.
    • We have our own website at www.warrentheatre.net that is full of information. That page is updated more frequently than this one. Travel there and save it to your favorites.
    • Below you will find the 2022-2023 calendar for all things drama. Please join us for the Drama Booster meetings! All dates are subject to change and if changes occur those changes will be communicated. For more information about the Warren Drama Boosters, please contact Carrie Maggiore at cmaggiore@wths.net

     2022-2023 Calendar

  • Contact Us

    Adam Miller
    Campus: Almond & O'Plaine
    Email: amiller@wths.net
    Phone: (847) 548-6893
    Reason to Contact: Drama Club, Giggles 'n Bits, Fall Play, Shakespeare Slam, Short Film & Film Festival

    Janice Zimmerman
    Campus: Almond
    Email: jzimmerman@wths.net
    Phone: (847) 548-6853
    Reason to Contact: Drama Club, Fall Dinner Theatre, Children's Show, Musical

    Ben Westphal
    Campus: Almond & O'Plaine
    Email: bwestphal@wths.net
    Reason to Contact: Musical 

  • Drama Council Officers

    Posted by Mr. Miller on 8/15/2022
    • Co-Presidents - Kelsey Elman & Violet Harrison
    • Vice President - Aiden Maggiore
    • Secretary - Lindsay McCormack
    • Social Chair - Giovanni Tate
    • Communications - Claire Venisnik
    • Junior Officer - Patricia Sutor
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