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    2019 - 2020 General Meetings       

    August 20th
    September 12nd
    October 16th
    November 11th
    December 2nd
    January 8th
    February 4th
    March 9th
    April 9th


    2019 - 2020 Officer Team
    Krista Zimmer- President

    Precious Mago- Media Manager

    Anantya Kasturi- Historian

    Olivia Wong- Reporter

    Reena Pinapala- ALM Secretary

    Grace Liu- OP Secretary

    Brian Rapanan- ALM Treasurer

    Kevin Patel- OP Treasurer

    Sohom Dash- Northern Area & State Parliamentarian

    Kashyap Ramachandrula- Chapter Parliamentarian

    Ifra Waris- ALM Bookstore Manager

    Bharat Pullela- OP Bookstore Manager




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Contact Us

  • Officer Information

    • Krista Zimmer, President
      • zimmerjz@outlook.com
    • Precious Mago, Media Manager
      • pmago0524@gmail.com
    • Anantya Kasturi, Historian
      • Kastu984@wths.net
    • Olivia Wong, Reporter
      • Wong902@wths.net
    • Reena Pinapala, ALM Secretary
      • pinap526@wths.net
    • Grace Liu, OPL Secretary
      • liu215@wths.net
    • Brian Rapanan, ALM Treasurer
      • brapanan23@gmail.com
    • Kevin Patel, OPL Treasurer
      • patel215@wths.net
    • Sohom Dash, Northern Area & State Parliamentarian 
      • sohomdash01@gmail.com
    • Kashyap Ramachandrula, Chapter Parliamentarian
      • ramac919@wths.net
    • Ifra Waris, ALM Bookstore Manager
      • ifrawaris@gmail.com
    • Bharat Pullela, OPL Bookstore Manager
      • Pulle656@wths.net

     Adviser Information

    • Jessica Beck (OPL)
      • jbeck@wths.net
    • Steve Vranek (ALM)
      • svranek@wths.net
    • Kelly Stites (OPL)
      • kstities@wths.net
    • Courtney Mills (OPL)
      • cmills@wths.net

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