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    The magazine will be printed in the 2021 yearbook!

    This year we will be teaming up with Scratch Paper to showcase ALL work turned in with the completed form and statement.   


    Why should you submit your work to Creations?

    Everyone is just as nervous as you are about showing their work.

    You are your worst critic.

    Your work is probably amazing and you don't even know it!

    No one else knows you're submitting work so what do you have to lose?

    Getting work published in Creations is another accomplishment you can list on your college application!


    Purchase the Magazine 

    The magazine will be printed in the yearbook so if you already purchased a yearbook you will automatically get a copy of the magazine.  The yearbook/magazine can be purchased online through our publisher at  

    7/15-10/1= 45 dollars
    10/2-1/1= 55 dollars
    1/2-4/1= 65 dollars
    4/2 on= 75 dollars (only if there are still unsold yearbooks)


  • Creations is Warren's literature and art magazine which serves as a forum for student expression. Submissions are open to any student enrolled at WTHS and are evaluated anonymously. Selections are made by a team of student editors based on the quality of individual pieces. Students are encouraged to submit their best, most meaningful works for consideration. Authors and artists retain copyright of printed submissions but grant Creations the right to use selected submissions as deemed by the editorial staff to be the most appropriate for the magazine as well as for promotional purposes.

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