Print Club

  • Print Club is for those students interested in learning more about the Graphic Communication and Packaging Engineering Industries. Our mission is to explore beyond what we can fit in class as well as use our talents to help support school needs.  We design, develop, produce and deliver T-shirts, banners, pennants, notepads, puzzles and more!


    1. Print Club will host 3 types of meetings throughout the year.  All 3 will require sign-up to attend.  This is to assure that those who attend are there for a purpose. Plus this allows us to plan for the correct amount of attendees.

    2. When meeting dates and agendas are posted they will be followed by a link for signup.  If a production work event is full there is no need to attend.  

    3. Unless otherwise posted print club meets at O'Plaine room 111

    4. Print Club is Free


    If you are interested in joining Print Club then please email Mr. Schumann and ask to be added to the list. Also let him know what year in school you are. You will be added to the e-mail contacts list as well as added to the Canvas Print Club page where you can see what we are working on and sign up for events. 

Upcoming Meetings

Print Club

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