Information Regarding Student-Led Clubs

  • Warren Township High School offers over 90 different clubs, teams and intramural opportunities for students. We believe that WTHS has something for everyone within our existing programs. WTHS is a large school with a very diverse student body with a wide range of interests. If you have an idea for a club that does not currently exist or is not closely related to an existing program, below are the procedures for proposing a new student-led organization. Students may initiate the formation of non curricular groups according to the parameters of the Equal Access Act.  These groups may be related to religious, political, philosophical or other interests.

  • What is the process for starting a new club or student group?

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    1. Interested student leaders of these groups must secure an unpaid school-approved staff member to attend meetings as a monitor acting only in a custodial non-participatory role. It is the responsibility of the initiating student(s) to find a willing staff member to volunteer to be a supervisor.

    2. Complete the Application for Status as a School Club/Organization. Once the application is completed, the Activity Director will schedule a meeting to discuss the proposal. Meetings are scheduled within 2 weeks of submitting an application. Completion of the application does not constitute approval.

    3. After the application is reviewed, the Activity Director will set up a meeting with the volunteer staff member followed by a meeting with the student(s) who initiated the request.

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  • I have an idea for a new club, what is the timeline for starting a new club?

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    Applications for Status as a School Student Organization are accepted from August 1st to October 15th for approval during the current school year. Applications received after October 15th will be reviewed for possible second semester approval. 

    Applications or requests to start a new club that are received after January 15 will not be considered for approval until the following school year.

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  • If my new club is approved, what are the requirements?

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    Once approved, all student led or student initiated groups must adhere to the following:

    All meetings must be scheduled online via a facility request at least 7 days prior to the meeting.

    Any announcements regarding meeting must be submitted by the staff volunteer. Announcements will not be read if there is not an approved facility request.

    Meeting attendance is to be taken in accordance with established procedures (5 Star) for meeting attendance of all other student organizations.

    No district resources shall be used to support these groups beyond the incidental cost of providing a space for student-initiated meetings. These groups will not be provided any funding by the district beyond the incidental cost of providing a classroom for meeting space.

    These groups may meet only during non-instructional time (before school, during lunch time or after school).

    These groups must be student initiated, student sponsored and student led.

    These groups may not use the school name or mascot in connection with any fundraising activities, raise funds at school or be portrayed in school-sponsored publications. 

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  • If my club is approved for the current school year is it approved forever?

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    Applications must be resubmitted on an annual basis. Prior approval does not guarantee approval for future school years.

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Last Modified on August 29, 2023