• District 121 follows the Illinois State Board of Education’s Procedures and Criteria to determine entitlement for Special Education Services. Eligibility is based on data identifying significant deficits affecting educational performance of grade level standards.  Not all students with disabilities are entitled to an IEP designed to provide specialized instruction under IDEA, and their needs may be met with 504 plan accommodations.  

    If a student has been found eligible for special education services, an individualized educational program (IEP) is developed. District 121 offers a continuum of services and placements that meet the needs of our diverse learners in the least restricitve environment.

    • General education, honors, and advanced placement courses with accommodations
    • Co-taught classes
    • Supervised study hall
    • Instructional cross categorical classes
    • Self-contained special education programs
    • Transition Programming
    • Extended School Year programming (as identified by the IEP team)
    • Therapeutic day schools
    • Residential settings

    Students with disabilities may receive related services as part of their individual education programs (IEPs).   Warren Township High School will maintain related service logs that record the type and number of minutes of the related service(s) administered to such students.  Copies of any related service logs will be available to parents/guardians at their child’s annual review IEP meeting upon request. Parents/guardians of students with disabilities may also request copies of their child’s related service logs at any time. 

    Referrals for an evaluation may be made by individuals with knowledge of the student's needs, and/or educational programming, including teachers, other staff members, parents/guardians, etc. This request should be directed to the student's school guidance counselor for team consideration.