State Testing


    Warren Township High School administers the following assessments in accordance with Illinois School Code.  All students at Warren Township High School will be registered for their required exams by the school.  There is no cost to families for these exams.


    The ACCESS Test is administered annually to students who are classified as English Learners.  Students’ performance on the ACCESS Test determines the level of services they will receive during the following school year.  Students who earn a Composite Score of 4.8 will exit the EL program.

    The ACCESS Test is administered in late January/early February.


    The DLM is the alternate state assessment for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities that affect intellectual functioning and adaptive behaviors.  The DLM is designed for students for whom general education assessments, even with accommodations, are not appropriate.  This assessment is administered in lieu of the SAT.  Eligibility for the DLM is determined by a student’s IEP team.  

    The DLM is administered to juniors in the Spring.

    Illinois Science Assessment:

    The ISA is a required exam for graduation. All Juniors will take the ISA in the spring. The test is designed to be a comprehensive examination of all science content covered in high school. The date is still to be announced. 

    The ISA is being administered on March 13, 2020 at the Almond Campus. All Juniors will be in attendance and seniors will have the day off to visit colleges, do community service, or study. Juniors should arrive at the normal time and will be dismissed at 11:20 or 12:30 depending on their test.


    The SAT is a graduation requirement.  The SAT is a college entrance exam that measures college and career readiness and is aligned to the Illinois State Learning Standards.  The SAT is developed by The College Board and is accepted at colleges nationally and internationally.  

    All juniors take the SAT in the Spring.

    ISBE Assessment Survey Results:

    Click here to access the Illinois State Assessment Survey Results.  Each year, school districts submit information to ISBE confirming our participation in standardized assessments.  Warren Township High School's responses are available at this site.