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      • WTHS Textbook Policies

        • The textbooks you receive are scanned out for use as described in the Student-Parent Handbook.
        • Students should write their name on the inside cover of textbooks immediately. No other writing or highlighting should be done in the book.
        • You are financially responsible for the assigned textbooks until they are scanned back in to the text system and found to be in satisfactory and safe condition for use by the next student.
        • Books are assessed for damage as they are returned and are more closely inspected as they are returned to shelves, although all damage may not be immediately obvious until further inspection.
        • Turn textbooks in to specified areas only, do not turn them into your teachers or leave them unattended in classrooms.
        • Avoid placing textbooks where they might become wet or dirty. Please do not try to repair damaged textbooks. It is the student’s responsibility to report any damage to staff.
        • If a textbook is misplaced, stolen, or damaged while in your possession, the replacement price of the book must be paid to the school.

        All students are encouraged to fill out the Textbook Assessment form for any textbook they have received from Warren. If you have any questions about this form, please contact Mrs. Jedryszek (Almond Library) or Ms. Hilliard (O'Plaine Library).

        Examples of damage to report include:

        • Water Damage
        • Writing and Highlighting
        • Torn or Missing Pages

        Textbook Form