• College Application and College Visits

    The application process begins early in the senior year; therefore it is important to have completed most of your research during your junior year.   Every year, the counselors introduce juniors to resources available for researching colleges.   This can be a very time consuming and stressful experience, but with some planning and organization, it can be productive and more enjoyable. 

    Once you have determined your final list of schools to which you are applying, you will need to be very aware of deadlines and application requirements.  Sometimes it is helpful to create a chart that includes valuable information about your final list of colleges.  On your chart, you should list the factors that are important to you in choosing a college as well as the important application information such as deadlines, school profile information, and what components are required in the application package.  The application process often varies from school to school, some requiring several steps and others requiring a more simple process. 

    Please allow at least two weeks for the counseling office and registrar to process your transcript, letter of recommendation or other supplemental application requests.  There are often advantages to completing your applications well ahead of any deadlines. 

     As always, contact your counselor, Mrs. Hartley or Mrs. McGahan for any questions you may have. 



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Last Modified on May 23, 2023