Facility Rentals


      • Any organization may request to use our facilities by submitting an electronic building use request at least 10 working days prior to the event.

        • Requests made by an outside organization with less than 10 days notice may not be approved. 
        • This allows time to complete a Facility Use Agreement, receive proof of insurance and notify all parties concerned. 
        • Requests must be made by an officer of the organization that carries liability insurance for the event.

        8:20 AP - Facility Use General Statement and Guidelines @ D121


      • All facility requests are made online. Use the Online Reservation System to request facility rentals. 

        • Please upload proof of insurance as a PDF document or a JPG graphic file and click submit.
        • Once a request has been approved, an electronic contract will be emailed to the requester.
        • Please sign the electronic contract with the PIN you created in your account.
        • To check for potential availability, please visit our Facility Calendar

        Use of all facilities is subject to availability and administrative review. 

        • At times, a space that may appear available will not be approved for use. 
        • Facility use by outside organizations will not be granted or approved until current liability insurance is on file.