Attendance Office FAQs

  • What are excused/unexcused absences?

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    The following are valid excused absences:

    Death in the Family
    Valid Doctor or Court Appointment (must have documentation upon returning to school)
    Family Emergency
    Religious Holidays
    College Visits - A limit of three per year (with documentation)

    Doctor visits, court appointments, religious holidays, and college visits above will NOT COUNT in the student's eight allowed absences under the following conditions:

    1. Any doctor or court appointment that is reported to the Attendance Office within 24 hours AND for which the student presents written medical or court documentation within 48 hours of their return to school.

    2. Religious holidays when the approval procedure is followed prior to the absence (phone contact/written note from parent/guardian to your principal)

    3. College Visits, up to three per year, with documentation confirming the visit provided to student services within 48 hours of their return to school. 

    School related absences that will NOT COUNT in the student's eight allowed absences:

    Field Trips
    School-sponsored activities or school-sponsored athletic contests/tournaments  
    Pre-arranged appointments with staff members (counselors, social workers, psychologists)

    The following are unexcused absences:  

    Any absence not authorized or school-related will be considered an unexcused absence for the student. Unexcused absences do include missing the bus and/or oversleeping.

    The absence will also be considered unexcused if a parent phone call is not received within 24 hours of the absence. If a student's absence is unexcused, he/she will not be allowed to make up work for credit and will receive no credit for any work or tests that were missed.  

    To report an absence:

    Almond Attendance Office: 847-548-6333           
    O'Plaine Attendance Office: 847-599-4799

    *Press 1 to report a student who is leaving early

    *Press 2 to report an absence 


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  • What if a student is late for school?

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    Any absence not authorized or school related will be considered an unexcused absence for the student. If a student is more than 10 minutes late to school, or to a class, without a pass, they will be considered unexcused.  THIS INCLUDES 1st PERIOD  AT O'PLAINE AND 0 PERIOD AT ALMOND.  

    Parents/Guardians should notify the Attendance Office by 10:30 a.m. if a student will be late to school.  Please leave the following information:  Student's first and last name - spelled out, year in school, student's ID number, name of parent/guardian who is calling, daytime phone number where you can be reached to verify the call, and the reason the student will be late.  Oversleeping or missing the bus are not valid reasons for an excused absence and will be considered unexcused.  


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  • My student overslept. Can I call them in sick and can they still participate in sports today?

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    No. In order to participate in athletic practices or competitions, students must be in attendance for every class period of the day. Students who miss class due to attending a doctor's appointment will be excused IF they bring a note from the doctor to the attendance office upon returning to school. Documented absences from going to the doctor are considered no-count absences.


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  • What if a student needs to leave school early?

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    If a student needs to leave school early, the parent/guardian must call the Attendance Office (press 1 to leave early) and indicate the student's first and last name - spelled out, year in school, student's ID number, name of parent/guardian who is calling, daytime phone number where you can be reached to verify the call, the reason for the absence and time when the student will be leaving and returning to school.  The Attendance Office will provide the student with an off-campus pass.  

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  • What if a student gets sick during the day and wants to go home?

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    When a student is sick, they should go to the Nurse's Office. The nurse will notify a parent before a student is allowed to leave the building.  A student may not just leave the building without staff permission.

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  • How many absences are allowed to maintain senior final exam exemption?

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    Students may be eligible for exemption from exams for the second semester of their senior year

    Seniors will have the opportunity to be exempt from a final exam on a particular course taken during second semester provided they have met the following requirements of the grade/attendance incentive during second semester: 
         1.  No unexcused absences in that class
         2.  Five (5) or fewer excused absences in that class 
         3.  A grade percentage of 80% or higher in that class

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  • How many days are allowed to visit colleges or universities?

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    Sophomore, Junior, and Senior level students may use up to three (3) school days during the school year for the purpose of visiting college campuses. These days will be considered as "No Count" absences provided the parent calls the Attendance Office prior to the college visit and the student returns with a signed note or itinerary from the college admissions office on the college letterhead within 48 hours of their return to school. There are no college visits permitted after May 6. 

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  • Do school-sponsored field trips, activities, athletic events or testing count as absences?

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    No, these are considered no-count absences. The attendance office will be contacted by the group sponsor and will code the absence accordingly.

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  • Do students need to be called in for religious holidays?

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    Written notification must be provided to the principal.  Board Policy 7.80 asserts that "a student shall be released from school, as an excused absence, for the purpose of observing a religious holiday.  The parent(s)/guardian(s) must give written notice to the District five (5) days before the student's absence. The parent(s)/guardian(s) of the student's anticipated absence shall satisfy the District's requirement for a written excuse when the student returns to school.  A student shall be released from school for a day or portion of a day for the purpose of religious instruction.  A letter, requesting the student's absence and written by the student's parent(s)/guardian(s), must be given to the Building Principal at least five (5) days before the day the student is to be absent."

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Parking FAQs

  • I paid for my parking permit. When can I pick it up?

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    2023-2024  information

    All students who are eligible to purchase a permit will have it in their cart on the EFunds page on or around August 1st.  Permits must be paid for by Tuesday, August 15th.  There cannot be any outstanding fees (including the current year's registration fees). Permits not paid for by 8/15 will be offered to students on the waiting list (if there is a waiting list). 

    Effective August 1st, 2023:

    Parking permits can be picked up the week of August 7-11 with the exception of August 10th which is a staff development day (NO PARKING PERMITS WILL BE DISTRIBUTED ON THIS DAY).  Pick-up times will be communicated the week of August 1st.

    UPDATE: Students can pick up their parking permits at the Almond Campus during the following dates/times below.  The location will be clearly marked when you enter through the main entrance.

    Friday, 8/4:               8 - 11am  or  12:30 - 2:30pm

    Monday, 8/7:            8 - 11am  or  12:30 - 2:30pm

    Tuesday, 8/8:           8 - 11am  or  12:30 - 2:30pm 

    Wednesday, 8/9:      8 - 11am  or  12:30 - 2:30pm

    Friday, 8/11             10 - 11am  or  12:30 - 2:30pm  

    Students will also be able to pick up permits (with proof of receipt) on August 15th in the cafeteria. Permits will not be distributed during scheduled class orientation times. You should arrive early or stay after for permit pick-up.   

    If you purchased a permit but did not pick it up at one of the times listed above, you will still be able to pick it up in the Deans' office. ****Please bring a screenshot or printed receipt of your payment for parking or stop by the Bookkeeper's office for a printed copy.  Permits will not be distributed without proof of payment.


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  • How can I update my vehicle information?

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    As part of the parking agreement, all students are required to provide up-to-date vehicle information.  Failure to do so could result in your vehicle receiving a warning sticker.

    2023-2024 ALMOND students email

    2023-2024 O'PLAINE students email 

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  • What are the rules for parking in the school parking lot?

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    ALL vehicles that are parked on WTHS grounds are required to have either an annual parking permit OR a daily temporary parking tag. If you do not have one or the other, then you may be towed. If you do not have your permit for a particular day then you must see the Bookkeeper at either campus.  All vehicles that are driven to school MUST be registered with the Deans' office.  This means you are required to provide the make/model/license plate of any vehicle you will drive to school.  Failure to do so will result in a warning sticker on the vehicle.  Failure to ignore a warning will result in your car being towed.  

    Daily temporary parking tags are available in the Bookkeeper’s office for $10.00 (cash) per day. 

    Students should park in areas designated for students only. The student parking areas are the parking lot by the flag pole, next to the baseball fields and the lot adjacent to the B1 entrance doors. Students are not allowed to park in the staff lot or in visitor spaces. 

    student parking ALMOND

    Students parking in staff lot, spaces reserved for visitors or in no parking areas may permanently lose parking privileges or be ticketed and/or towed at the owner's expense ($150.00). 

    Any altering of temporary parking tags will result in the vehicle being towed.  Tampering with permits or tags, falsifying information or digital reproduction will result in disciplinary action and loss of ALL parking privileges.

    Students who use their vehicles to assist others in breaking school rules will be assigned the same penalty as those who break the regulations.

    The speed limit is 10 miles per hour.

    Obey all stop signs and directions by security and traffic personnel.

    Upon arrival at school, students are to immediately park cars in designated areas, lock and leave their vehicles and enter the building.  Students should NOT sit in cars during school hours.  This includes study halls and lunch periods. 

    Parking privileges may be revoked due to reckless or dangerous driving, unsafe or noisy vehicles, continued tardiness to school, or violations of not displaying your parking permit or daily temp tag. 

    All motorcycles, scooters, etc. must follow the Rules & Regulations for automobiles and park only in designated areas.

    Who do you call if your car is towed? Wildwood Towing 847-223-2222.



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  • How do I apply for a parking permit?

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    The application process for student parking for the 2022-2023 school year will begin on March 1 at 7:00 AM. Any student interested in purchasing a parking permit must fill out an application online by May 1. An email confirmation will be sent to the email address you entered on the application.  Please be sure to check your junk, spam or clutter for confirmation.  

    If you think you may need to drive then you are encouraged to apply.  Parking fees will be applied to your fee cart once the list of approved applications is determined.  If you chose NOT to purchase a permit then the fee will be removed from your fee cart in August.

    If you are offered a permit but decide not to purchase one, then your name will go to the end of the waiting list.  It does not remain open for you to purchase at any time. 

    The application will be posted here once live.

    If you do not recall submitting an application, then please submit again.  

    Parking applications will be open March 1 and will be due by May 1 of each year.   

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  • How much is a parking permit?

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    The price of a 2023-2024 annual parking permit is $200.00.

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  • What if I did not receive a confirmation email after completing my application?

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    Please check your spam and clutter folders.  This email will also confirm the date you applied.  

    If you do not recall submitting an application, then please submit it again.  


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  • I submitted my parking application after the deadline.

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    If you submit your application after May 1st, 2023, you may be placed on a waiting list but are encouraged to still apply.



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  • How does the waiting list for a parking permit work?

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    Parking is offered on a first-come-first-served basis. 

    Students who have completed the parking application by the May 1st deadline have first priority and will have until the first day of school to pay for their parking permit.  Students who do not pay for their parking permit by the first day of school (mid-August) will forfeit the opportunity to purchase a parking permit.  All students who wish to be on the waiting list must fill out the parking application. Parking permits will be offered to those on the waiting list in order that applications are submitted.  On the second day of school, we will offer parking permits to those on the waiting list depending on availability.  An email message will be sent to all email addresses that were provided on the parking application with information regarding parking availability. 

    If you do not recall submitting an application, then please submit again.  

    Questions about parking? 

    Almond Campus email or call Kari Lakins 847-548-6646

    O'Plaine Campus email or call Tina Munoz 847-599-4772

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  • I didn't purchase a parking permit for the school year. Can I still drive to school if necessary?

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    Yes!  Each student receives 3 FREE temporary parking tags per semester.  Students are NOT permitted to use any other student's free temporary parking tags. After free tags are used, then students are able to purchase a daily temporary parking tag.  The price for daily parking is $10.00 per day and is payable in cash in the Bookkeeper's Office.  Students may purchase temporary parking tags before school or during lunch. 

    In order to purchase a tag, you must provide the Make/Model/License plate.  Temporary parking tags must be displayed in the vehicle first thing in the morning. Students will not be excused from class if they are late due to taking tags to cars, so it is advisable to make your purchase BEFORE the day you need it.  

    All parking rules are on the reverse side of temporary parking tags.  By purchasing, students agree to all rules.  Any vehicle without a valid parking tag will receive a warning sticker.  The second violation would result in the vehicle being towed by Wildwood Towing (847-223-2222) at a cost of $150.00.

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  • I chose not to purchase a permit at the beginning of the school year. Can I still buy one?

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    Annual parking permits are NOT available to purchase at a later date during the year.  If you decide you do not want to purchase a permit at the beginning of the year you will lose your spot but you can add your name to the end of the waiting list by re-entering your information for a parking application.


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  • I have outstanding fees that are preventing me from purchasing a parking permit. What should I do?

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    In order to apply for a parking permit, there cannot be any outstanding fees on your account (including the current year's registration fees). 

    Please contact Cheri Conway ( or call 847-548-6837. 

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  • I am an early graduate. Can I get a permit for one semester?

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    Permits are sold for the entire year.  Once your permit is returned to the Deans' office or the Bookkeeper's office, a refund will be initiated.  Refunds may take up to 6 weeks to process. Any outstanding fees will be deducted from the amount to be refunded. Questions regarding refunds can be directed to the Bookkeeper at 847-548-6837.  

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  • Are there refunds for parking permits?

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    In the event that a refund is necessary, we will pro-rate the refund.  Additionally, if there are any outstanding fees on the account, the fees will be deducted from the pro-rated amount.  

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  • Who should I contact if my car is towed?

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    Wildwood Service (847) 223-2222 

    18451 W Gages Lake Rd, Gages Lake, IL 60030

    Reasons a vehicle might be towed:

    *There is not a parking permit or temporary parking tag displayed (second offense).

    *Expired date on temporary parking tag OR date has been altered (second offense).

    *Parking in an illegal space or in the staff parking lot.

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  • Do I need a temporary parking tag during final exams?

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    YES.  A temporary parking tag IS required during winter finals.  Failure to obtain a temporary parking tag may result in your car being towed.  

    Students will not be required to purchase a temporary parking tag for spring finals.  Additionally, parking is FREE for all students after graduation in May.

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  • Are there fee waivers for parking?

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    There are no fee waivers for parking.  Parking fees must be paid for in full in order to receive your permit once school begins. 

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School Rule FAQs

  • What is the cell phone/electronic device policy?

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    Students are extended the privilege of possessing a wireless communication device on school grounds.  Electronic devices should be in silent mode during school hours. Use of wireless devices in the classroom, in areas being used to conduct instruction or on school trips, is at the discretion of the teacher, coach, sponsor, chaperone or any staff member. The use of such devices by students is not to be disruptive in any activity or event. All use must be respectful and should not create a disturbance to the educational environment or impede the learning process. The use of wireless devices is not permitted in locker rooms or restrooms.

    Prohibited Areas
    Computer labs or testing center
    During school assemblies
    In areas where privacy is expected, including but not limited to, restrooms and locker rooms
    Any other areas where electronic device use is prohibited by law
    Student services area

    Failure to follow these procedures will result in the following consequences:
    First Offense
    Student/Dean Conference
    Parent/Guardian Contact/3 Dean Detentions or Saturday School Detention

    Second Offense
    Student/Dean Conference
    Parent/Guardian Contact
    Two (2) Saturday School Detentions

    Third Offense
    Student/Dean Conference
    Parent/Guardian Contact
    3 Saturday School Detentions or up to Out-of-School Suspension (1 Day)

    Each infraction may also include an assignment of social probation, including but not limited to homecoming, prom and graduation.

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  • Can I leave school to go out to lunch?

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    WTHS is a closed campus, as written in the Student/Parent Handbook (Policy 7:32):

    Students arriving on the school campus may not leave without written permission from the Deans' Office.  Students are not allowed to leave the campus for lunch.  Parents cannot request an off-campus for the purpose of lunch.  Offenders will be subject to disciplinary action.

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  • Can I have a family member or friend drop off fast food or a pizza during my lunch?

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    No.  WTHS has a contract with our school lunch provider to provide lunch for students. Food that has been delivered will be held until the end of the day.

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Detention FAQs

  • What is Saturday School Detention? Where is it held?

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    Saturday School Detention is a form of discipline for student infractions.  This will be a silent study hall held on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. at the O'Plaine Campus.  Please bring homework or something to work quietly on.  Students should enter through the Main Office doors (A2) and must be on time. Students who do not serve will receive additional consequences from the Deans’ office.

    Not allowed during Saturday School Detention:

    Cell phone use

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  • Where and when can students serve detentions?

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    Room 100A       7:40am – 8:20am
    Room 100A       Lunch Hours (Detentions will be served during the lunch portion of the lunch period. Students will get their lunch and  report to the detention room. Students need to be in the detention room five minutes after the bell rings)

    Room 211        6:55am  - 7:20am
    Room 211        2:20pm  - 2:55pm

    All detentions are to be served within 5 (five) days of being issued.  Students MUST be on time and need a current ID for entry.  No after-school detention on Friday.  Failure to serve assigned detention by the due date will result in additional consequences, which may include additional detentions or a Saturday School Detention.

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