• Social Workers


    School social workers provide counseling support and services to students who are struggling with emotional, behavioral, academic, or social issues that may be interfering with their school work or impacting peer and family relationships.


      • Social workers provide the following services:
        - Support groups based on the needs of our student population
        - Individual student counseling on a short term basis
        - Educational opportunities around relevant mental health and social issues; such as, depression awareness, dealing with stress and anxiety, and seeking support in school
        - Crisis intervention services
        - Advocacy for student needs by working with teachers and consulting with educational staff
        - Participation in the identification and evaluation process for determining eligibility for special education services
        - Networking with outside agencies and resources to secure services for our families in need
        - Collaboration with local hospital providers to assist with transition of students back into the school setting
        - Contact and additional support for students who are homeless 


      • Almond Campus students may either email staff members directly or visit the main office and fill out an appointment request form.
        O'Plaine Campus students may either email staff members directly or fill our a virtual appointment request form.

      Almond Contact Information

      O'Plaine Contact Information

      Virtual Calming Room

      • The Warren Township Social Work team has created a Virtual Calming Room. Everyone feels stressed sometimes. This site lets you explore mindfulness, music, yoga, and so much more. You can look at art or go to the symphony. Maybe you just want to watch panda bears play. There is something for everyone here. Take a moment and check it out

        WTHS Calming room

      Last Modified on February 14, 2024