• The Warren Township Science Department is excited to help students experience and learn about the physical world and the living things in it.    


      • Warren science teachers develop students for college and life. We are committed to teaching the fundamentals of science while simultaneously developing skills to create better students and life-long learners.

        • We bring a wide range of real world experiences into our classrooms from Grand Canyon geology expeditions to beekeeping.
        • In addition to our field of study the science department brings a variety of professional experiences to the classroom which range from pharmaceutical research biochemists to Navy helicopter pilots.

        To engage students our staff draws on their experiences outside the classroom.

        • Our faculty includes field biologists, chemists, geologist, physicists, mechanical engineers, and an aquarist.
        • As professionals, over 75% of our department staff has a Master’s degree.
        • In addition, we are actively involved in activities and educational organizations which include mentoring the Warren Science Olympiad Team, teaching abroad (Africa), CLC, Physics Northwest, local university committee members and the National Science Teachers Association members.
        • Our department consists of college athletes, nationally board certified teachers, coaches, and club sponsors.

        Examples of clubs sponsored by Warren Science teachers include Science Olympiad Team, Astronomy Club, MECS, and Tabletop Gaming Club.     


      Clubs and Organizations

        • Astronomy Club
        • MECS
        • Science Olympiad
        • Table Top Gaming Club