• Our Social Studies department believes that the vitality of our democracy is directly dependent on informed, active, and critically thoughtful citizens. 


      • The goal of our department is to provide all students with the knowledge necessary to put our community, country, and world in its proper historical context while also developing in them the vital skills required to effectively participate in all three.  

        • We seek to instill in our students an understanding, appreciation, and fascination of a variety of social sciences including history, political science, economics, geography, sociology, and psychology.
        • We believe these disciplines directly play a role in effectively enabling students to be critical thinkers who can problem solve, collaborate, and successfully confront the challenges of a modern world.  
        • We recognize that our success as educators will ultimately be measured by the success of our students and their ability to both engage in and sustain our world, community, and democratic way of life. 

        To learn more about course offerings in the social studies department, please view the following PowerPoints and video.