• Health, Physical Development and Driver Education


      • The Physical Development curriculum consists of a sequence of courses progressing from the introductory to the intermediate and advanced levels. The curriculum is designed to:

        • develop and improve the student’s fitness levels,
        • introduce various physical activities,
        • instruct the students on the rules, strategies, terminology and techniques of those activities, and
        • offers direct opportunities to learn how to work cooperatively in a group setting, and encourages healthy habits and attitudes for a healthy lifestyle.

        Students are required to take 8 semesters or 4 credits of Life Fitness. 

        • This must include 1 semester of Health and 7 semesters of Physical Development.
        • All students will be tested for Physical Fitness each semester they are enrolled in a Physical Development class.
        • Physical Development uniforms are required for participation and may be purchased at the bookstore.
        • It is recommended that juniors and seniors do not repeat a course in consecutive semesters.