World Language

  • The World Language Department offers French, German, Spanish, and Spanish for Native Speaker courses. The curriculum guides students to understand and promotes communication in the target language as well as opportunities to learn about the culture of the target countries. Language specific National Honor Societies, as well as other awards, provide recognition for top performing students in each of the languages. The World Language Department additionally offers the opportunity for students to experience the culture and utilize the target language through various hosting and travel abroad opportunities. Extra-curricular clubs for each language give students further opportunities to learn and use language.

World Language Awards and Recognition

  • Special Honors or Recognitions:

    • Grade 9 and 10 in each class each semester Academic and Participation Awards for top student(s) 
    • Spanish NHS 
    • National French Exam 
    • Chicano Bowl Champions

World Language Documents

World Language Clubs and Organizations

  • Clubs and Organizations:

    • Avanza
    • French Club
    • French National Exam 
    • Friendship Connection Exchange & Hosting Program
    • German Club 
    • German National Exam 
    • German National Honor Society 
    • Spanish Club 
    • Spanish National Honor Society