Educational Technology

Welcome to the Educational Technology Department!​

What is the Educational Technology Department?

When most people hear "educational technology," they think computers. It's certainly true that our department buys, loads, and supports computers. And we support the hubs, routers, scanners, printers, and wires that help those computers communicate with the local and global network. But that's actually a small part of what we do. We like to think that what we do is help Warren THS students, faculty, parents and community "make the connections." 

Our students are now able to make new connections with experts and people around the world. Our school can make better connections with parents, the community, and our partners in business and education. And all of us can make the type of connections that lead to understanding and knowledge--which is really what a school is all about.

General information: 

We offer computers on both the Macintosh and PC platform in our general access labs, where students can do general computer productivity work. We offer both black and white and color printers. 
Students are provided a network folder to store their electronic school-related work and an email account for communicating with teachers, other students, and professionals on school-related topics.

What technology is offered at Warren? 

Students can use technology in our library labs, our group instruction labs, business education labs, and in many classrooms, including physics and graphic arts. A number of laptops are available for use in the library at each campus, and faculty often bring mobile laptop units into the classroom where students research and learn via wireless connections to the network and the Internet. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​