Bridges Evening Program

2016-2017 Bridges Evening Program

Classes meet at the Almond Campus (B1 Doors) Monday - Thursday 5:00 - 9:00 p.m. and Friday 4:00 - 7:00 p.m.
The Bridges Evening Program is designed to provide a comprehensive alternative program for students to improve their academic achievement such that they are able to satisfy graduation requirements and earn a Warren diploma.  Equally important the Bridges program will provide instruction, modeling, and mentoring on career and life skills that will facilitate the students being able to successfully “bridge” to post-secondary education or the world of work.  Any member of the building Student Service Team, Administrator or parent, may refer a student to the Bridges Evening Program. The District’s admission criterion is non-discriminatory in that any student regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or special education status will be considered for admission.  There are two limiting criteria that apply; students must be 16 years of age, and entering their 5th semester of high school.
Initial "Success" Meeting:
An initial “Success” meeting with the Bridges Evening Guidance Counselor must take place for all students and their parent/guardian after the student has been referred to the program.  All Bridges Evening Program documentation including a Student Success Plan must be complete before students can begin classes.
Bridges 2017 Summer School Program:
The Bridges Evening Program offers a summer school program at the Almond Road Campus and follows the same summer school calendar as day school.  Students attend classes from 1:00-4:00 p.m. and are enrolled in our on-line self-paced A+ program.  Dates for summer 2017 are:

Session 1:
  • Week 1:  June 12 - June 15, 2017 (Monday - Thursday)
  • Week 2:  June 19 - June 22, 2017 (Monday - Thursday)
  • Week 3:  June 26 - June 29, 2017 (Monday - Thursday)

Session 2:

  • Week 1:  July 5 - July 7, 2017 (Wednesday - Friday)
  • Week 2:  July 10 - July 14, 2017 (Monday - Friday) 
  • Week 3:  July 17 - July 20, 2017 (Monday - Thursday)
Bridges students interested in taking advantage of this program are encouraged to communicate with their Bridges counselor.  Enrollment is limited and priority will be given to those students who can complete their 2017 diploma requirements by the July 20, 2017 deadline. 

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