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November 11
Veteran's Day Celebration

Today, the Fine Arts Department  honoed our veterans, notably the members of our current staff at WTHS who have served and staff members who have family members who have proudly served our country. They honored them in a variety of ways in the main entrance of the Almond Campus:

  • This morning, the band and choir performed patriotic music near the entrance of the school as students walked in.
  • Staff members were invited to  take a selfie with a photo of a family member who served and those were displayed at the main entrance.
  • Our Digital Art students took 14” x 20” portraits of WTHS staff members who served in the armed forces, and those were displayed as well.
  •  Our 3-D and 2-D students painted banners and murals to celebrate and draw attention to our Veterans.

 This idea was started last year, and we hope this is a small step forward for WTHS to honor those who have served our country.

Veterans Day 3.JPG

Band students performing patriotic music

Veterans day 2.JPG

Choir students perfoming patriotic music

Veterans Day.JPG





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